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Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore)

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Was that really worth the workplace?. Video Editing Course A hands-on Video Editing Course for all types of Businesses, Government Agencies, Educational Institutes. If you a Business Owner, Marketing Professional or HR Manager looking to RECORD and EDIT videos? Would you like to publish videos to the Web that engage, educate and entertain viewers or customers?

Are you interested in saving time [ ]. Video editing also known as Video Post Production is the process of editing segments of video footage and visual effects in the video editing post production process. It is performed on a professional editing suite, on a high specification computer workstation.

You would also learn the seven core camera skills for video, and the essential video editing technique. FOR WHOM – Business Owners, Marketing Professionals, Trainers, Authors, and Public Speakers. In this workshop, you will learn: 1. The Basics of Video Production & Videography.

2. The Camera & the SEVEN Core Camera Skills. 3. Sound Recording Techniques. The editing process of any video production project takes a certain amount of vision.

Even if you’re a skilled cameraman or scriptwriter, editing is a whole different ball game. We can work collaboratively with you to ensure that your vision for your movie is realised through the editing process.

Jan 30,  · Singapore has one of the most efficient public transport networks in the world. All types of Singapore Mrt: East West(Green), North South(Red), Circle(Yellow), North East(Purple), Downtown(Blue.

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