Identifying rhetorical devices of critical thinking

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Critical thinking: Rhetorical devices in statement

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Rhetorical Devices Explained For Critical Reading

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Rhetorical Devices Explained For Critical Reading

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Week 1: Chapter 1: Introduction to Critical Thinking. Identifying Claims; Issues, Multiple Issues and Main Issue; Recognizing a Change in Issue; Practice: Responding to an Issue Rhetoric.

Rhetoric Vs. Critical Thinking; Rhetorical Devices Definitions; Exercise: Identifying Rhetorical Devices; Wee k 6: Introduction to Fallacies. Logic vs. Part One: The Elements of Critical Thinking: Statements, Questions, and Arguments Chapter 1: Critical Thinking: Developing an Effective Worldview Rhetorical Devices; Identifying Single Arguments: Rhetorical Expansion; Identifying Single Arguments: Rhetorical Compression.

The following is a listing of Rhetorical Devices used by the experts to sway your thinking. It is important to recognize them when reading commentary and news articles. Often their use is to fool you, but not always.

Sometimes, these devices can add color to an author’s style of writing. Slanters are the bells and whistles, the devices that praise, censure, downplay, obscure, or distract. Check out 9 examples of rhetorical slanters below. To help you develop critical thinking skills you will be asked to participate in group sessions.

Class participation also includes asking questions, answering questions, taking notes, discussing issues, writing, and giving feedback to your classmates.

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Identifying rhetorical devices of critical thinking
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