Computing stpm coursework

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BSc (Hons) Computing

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Diploma in Computer Science

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Diploma in Internet and Computing Technology

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Optional Bowling the application. Note that STPM is generally tough and takes 2 years of your key. Mar 30,  · Computing STPM This blog is for computing subject activities in my school which is used for teaching and learning, notes, tips, questions and assignments.

However any computing students from any schools in Malaysia are also welcome to try to answer the questions and be part of Author: Surie Aziz. Coursework The objective of the Computing coursework is to develop students’ understanding and skills in information system development, multimedia application development, and problem solving using computers.

Documents Similar To sStpm Computing Syllabus. Skip carousel. carousel previous carousel next. Sukatan. undergraduate course entry requirements atar gce a levels hseb hkdse kenya kcse wassc vietnam upper secondary indonesia ussgc malaysia stpm (best 3) malaysia uec hseb hkdse kenya kcse wassc vietnam upper secondary indonesia ussgc malaysia stpm (best 3) malaysia uec computing & mathematics bachelor of computer science (simulation.

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To subscribe, simply provide us with your email address. The Diploma in Mobile Computing programme offered by LINCOLN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE is purposed to equip the students with both traditional and cutting edge skills in Mobile Computing and Communications, so that they can be able to be innovative and develop mobile applications and understand the technical challenges posed by current mobile devices and wireless communications.

Course Fee - indicates the tuition fees (quoted in RM unless stated otherwise) as per course/year/ semester/month. for split degree programmes (partially in Malaysia and balance in overseas), the fee indicated is the combination of local (RM) + overseas (foreign currency).

Computing stpm coursework
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