Biruet test

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This means that arginine and tyrosine gave a positive result and the other samples were a negative test result. The Biuret test for detecting proteins of different types is very general. If the sample result is blue, then it is a positive result.

#33 Food test 4 - Biuret test for Proteins The Biuret Test is done to show the presence of peptide bonds, which are the basis for the formation of proteins. These. The biuret test is a chemical test used for detecting the presence of peptide bonds.

In a positive test, a copper(II) ion is reduced to copper(I), which forms a complex with the nitrogens and carbons of the peptide bonds in an alkaline solution. Performed the Iodine Test, and recorded results. redoakpta.commed the Sudan III Test, and recorded results.

redoakpta.commed the Biuret Test, and recorded results. Data: Properties of Chemical # chemical # was a white powderish substance.

Food Chemistry Experiments

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Biruet test
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